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Excelent video about distributed systems

Posted: 1st October 2013 by Iulian Margarintescu in General
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This video describes some of the common problems in distributed systems.

You might get an idea about how complicated building such systems is, and also a few ways of thinking about them, and maybe some approaches that need to be considered when deciding to go distributed.

If you don’t know about the… Continue reading

The Future of Programming

Posted: 13th August 2013 by Iulian Margarintescu in General
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Very insightful talk from Bret Victor about the “future of programming”. For references from the slides visit

Bret Victor – The Future of Programming from Bret Victor on Vimeo

In The Brain of Udi Dahan: June Q&A

Posted: 21st June 2013 by Iulian Margarintescu in General
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Udi Dahan — lead of the NServiceBus project, and one of a small number of experts in Europe recognized by the International .NET Association (INETA) — will give a lead an intimate Q&A. Come challenge “The Software Simplist” with your questions.

Avoid a Failed SOA (by Udi Dahan)

Posted: 14th September 2011 by Iulian Margarintescu in Architecture
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Great presentation, that I recommend to anyone building applications with business value.

See the Service-oriented architecture (SOA) wikipedia for a basic description of SOA.

You should probably watch the video, think about past projects and then re-watch the video as many times as you see fit ( about 3-4 times at least :) )… Continue reading

Udi Dahan: Domain Models and Composite Applications

Posted: 2nd July 2011 by Iulian Margarintescu in DDD
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A video from Udi Dahan about Composite Applications and how to design and build complex application where availability and scalability are important.

Watch the video on Skill Matter website

Eric Evans: What I’ve learned about DDD since the book

Posted: 2nd July 2011 by Iulian Margarintescu in DDD
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Eric Evans, the author of the Domain Driven Design book, speaks about what’s changed from 2003 when the book was published. I recommend the book and this video to every software developer.

You can see the video on the infoq website