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In The Brain of Udi Dahan: June Q&A

Posted: 21st October 2013 by Iulian Margarintescu in General
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Udi Dahan — lead of the NServiceBus project, iphone 7 case outlet uk and one of a small number of experts in Europe recognized by the International .NET Association (INETA) — will give a lead an intimate Q&A… Continue reading

Avoid a Failed SOA (by Udi Dahan)

Posted: 14th October 2011 by Iulian Margarintescu in Architecture
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Great presentation, cheap iphone xs case that I recommend to anyone building applications with business value.

See the Service-oriented architecture (SOA) wikipedia for a basic description of SOA.

You should probably watch the video… Continue reading

Udi Dahan: The Danger of Centralized Workflows

Posted: 13th July 2011 by Iulian Margarintescu in Architecture
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Since I’ve heard the therm “workflow engine” a lot of times on a lot of projects i would like to present a new article by Udi Dahan describing the dangers of using centralized workflows.
The main touted benefit of these workflow-centric architectures is that we don’t have to change the code of the system… Continue reading