How We Fact Check

Importance of the story: How important is the coque samsung galaxy s8 coque iphone 7 coeur story, coque pour samsung a5 2017 and can it create a potentially dangerous situation, the likelihood coque samsung a5 coque samsung s9 avec anneau coque iphone newarrival of a communal coque samsung galaxy a50 portugal riot or can it coque folio a5 2017 samsung harm a community, coque compatible avec samsung galaxy s8 or can it create panic in communities.

Tracking the source: We track the coque samsung s10 rinoshield source of the claim and then cross check with multiple sources. coque officielle honor 8 If there is video evidence, publicly available transcript, report coque samsung coque samsung a7 a70 armure or data we take a deep dive approach to find the exact quote and context. coque iphone 5c kiss coque samsung a10 If need be, we contact the organisation that has published the reports to understand the disclaimer.

Use Tools/technology: We use Google and other tools like Google Reverse Image Searchto knock down and derail fake claims. We sift through reams of data and databases to support a claim or coque samsung galaxy a7 2018 pokemon debunk a claim. amazon coque huawei y5 2019 If there is not coque samsung a5 2017 motif noir enough data to take a clear stand, we say that too

Panel of Experts: This is often important because as a news organisation we do not claim expertise in every field. comment faire une coque iphone 4 However, we have a network of experts who understand our commitment to factual accuracy and help us maintain high standards

Preparing a fact sheet.

And coque samsung a6 plus original then a fact based story is put out.

Correction Policy: Facts and truth are at the centre of Newsmobile’s Editorial policy, our team of coque aimantee samsung s8 journalists have broken stories on corruption at high places questioned those in power and we are coque samsung galaxy s9 plus blanche fearless, unbiased and objective. free fairy coque iphone 11 We have an impeccable record as a credible media outlet. coque iphone 6s rap However, as a responsible Media outlet, we are open to corrections. coque samsung galaxy j3 2016 rigide We are also one of the few organisations to have a Corrections Editor.

Correction Advisory: While we have been very particular about correcting the inadvertent errors right from the word go, irrespective of whether was pointed out by our readers, our network of experts, competition coque transparente pour samsung s8 plus or by our own team members, we have recently started adding an ‘editor’s note’ at the end of stories that have been corrected. coque wiko u feel lite stitch This is in the interest of transparency and in tandem with the global best practices.