As a customer has just specifically requested me to “Check – No locks on tables’ join while processing data”, and as a few previous projects I’ve worked on had a lot of “WITH (NOLOCK)” ‘s scattered all over the place, I was searching the internet for a well documented excuse for me NOT to change any code.

I think I found it:

Enjoy :)

  1. Cristian Galatan says:

    In fond ai de ales intre posibilitatea foarte mica de a citii niste date gresite/vechi sau de a bloca N sisteme din cauza ca joinul tau poate este costisitor ca si timp si faci lock.

    Depinde de caz, nu e intotdeauna o alegere usoara :)

  2. ionu says:

    Depinde daca e vorba de date importante sau nu. Cum scrie si in post: daca vrei sa numeri “aproximativ” ceva, it’s okay. Daca vrei sa faci calcule financiare, nu-i tocmai recomandat, as crede :)