Starting from the Agile Manifesto:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan

Following XP, iphone xs case for sale Scrum (a good article about Scrum) or Kanban or your own custom, iphone 7 case on sales agile process.

It would be interesting to gather information about “how you do it?”.

  1. johnysputnik says:

    Some quick answers to your questions.

    1. We follow a modified version of Scrum. The post you refer to is a draft of an internal document for starting up new software projects. Most of which consist of 2 or less developers. I am wary of applying too much of a process. A process for reducing bottlenecks, for example, should not be adopted if it becomes a bottleneck itself. We have dropped Sprint Backlogs as they are not proving worthwhile in the small team (3) that we work.

    2. We are a Microsoft house, we do a lot of work for them in fact. We tend to use the TFS Scrum process templates, modify the work item definitions to make them as simple as possible, then use reporting services to generate any metric visualisation we need.

    One thing we do that is very important for us is try and eliminate waste, through a continual inspect & adapt approach, which is vital for any incremental / lean process I believe.

    Thanks for linking to my blog by the way, much appreciated.