Autofac 2.5 is now available on the project site and via NuGet.

Included changes are:

  • Issue 329 – types are filtered by compatibilty before invoking key mapping functions when scanning assemblies
  • RegisterAssemblyTypes(...).WithMetadataFrom<T>() simplifies extraction of metadata from attribute properties
  • Module.ThisAssembly simplifies implementation of modules that scan their own assembly
  • Issue 333 – enable RegisterAssemblyTypes(...).PreserveExistingDefaults()
  • Windows Phone 7 and 7.1 support
  • Issue 312 – allow ContainerBuilder.Update() on the ComponentRegistry of any
    ILifetimeScope without affecting the parent scope
  • Issue 327 – allow autowiring of enum properties
  • Issue 319 – support list and dictionary literals in XML configuration
  • Issue 330 – corrections to generic type constraint checking where the constraint type is an interface
  • Issue 331 – fix build warnings and runtime issues using Moq integration
  • Introduced ContainerBuildOptions to control invocation of IStartable.Start() under unit tests
  • Container.Empty is now a property rather than a field (protection from inadvertent updates
  • Removed broken/obsolete examples from source tree (better examples are available elsewhere online)
  • Host configuration features for AutofacHostFactory in WCF integration
  • ComponentRegistry.Register() is now safe for use under multiple threads
  • Issue 227 – breaking changeadditional options (and enum rather than boolean parameter) for PropertiesAutowired()
  • Additional web abstractions are now registered by the MVC3 AutofacWebTypesModule
  • Issue 311 – fixed potential lifetime issues when injecting into MVC filter attributes
  • Tightened up behavior when correct constructor to use under reflection activator is ambiguous (now throws rather than choosing nondeterministically)
  • Issue 309 – fixed some issues in TypeExtensions.IsClosedTypeOf()
  • Improved exception messages