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Sequence Diagrams

Posted: 31st July 2011 by Iulian Margarintescu in Architecture
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A very interesting service for creating Sequence Diagrams: Web Sequence Diagrams.

Sample diagram created with only a few lines of text:

The diagram above was created with the following lines of text:
AdapterService->ContentService: ImportArticle
ContentService->Essex: AnalyseArticle
Essex->ContentService: ArticleAnaysed
ContentService->ContentService: HitArticleAvailable
note right of ContentService: FollowUris
ContentService->SnapshotService… Continue reading

TPL, Async CTP and Rx Framework

Posted: 29th July 2011 by Iulian Margarintescu in .NET
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A great post about parallel programming and concurrency in a .NET environment.

Rx, TPL, Async CTP–Oh My :-)

Recommended for every developer programming on more than one core… Continue reading

Very cool CSS Buttons

Posted: 19th July 2011 by Iulian Margarintescu in CSS
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Super Awesome Buttons with CSS3 and RGBA and a Button designer.







&nbsp… Continue reading

Udi Dahan: The Danger of Centralized Workflows

Posted: 13th July 2011 by Iulian Margarintescu in Architecture
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Since I’ve heard the therm “workflow engine” a lot of times on a lot of projects i would like to present a new article by Udi Dahan describing the dangers of using centralized workflows.
The main touted benefit of these workflow-centric architectures is that we don’t have to change the code of the system… Continue reading

Autofac 2.5 Released

Posted: 12th July 2011 by Iulian Margarintescu in .NET
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Autofac 2.5 is now available on the project site and via NuGet.

Included changes are:

  • Issue 329 – types are filtered by compatibilty before invoking key mapping functions when scanning assemblies
  • RegisterAssemblyTypes(…).WithMetadataFrom<T>() simplifies extraction of metadata from attribute properties
  • Module.ThisAssembly simplifies implementation of modules that scan their own assembly
  • Issue

Templates With Razor in ASP.NET MVC3

Posted: 12th July 2011 by Iulian Margarintescu in .NET
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This article describes a very nice feature of ASP.NET MVC3 Razor View Engine: Templates.
@helper tabs(params Tab[] tabs) {
@foreach(var tab in tabs) {
<li><a href=”@tab.Url” >@tab.Text</a></li>
Read the full article here

Possible subjects for In-House Training

Posted: 5th July 2011 by Iulian Margarintescu in General
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For the purpose of planning some possible in-house training please select the 3 domains for which you would like to have training available.

If you would like to see other items in the poll please post them as comments in the form below… Continue reading

Udi Dahan: Domain Models and Composite Applications

Posted: 2nd July 2011 by Iulian Margarintescu in DDD
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A video from Udi Dahan about Composite Applications and how to design and build complex application where availability and scalability are important.

Watch the video on Skill Matter website